“Sun Basin”

Status: In a Private Collection. (Please contact me to commission a similar piece.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Signed: KR2012

“Sun Basin” was a commission I received to create a garden reflection pool for a private collection. The piece is made of 14 gauge T-304 stainless steel, with 3/8″ solid stainless steel round bar welded along its scalloped edge. It measures 4′-6″ in diameter.

The piece was hammer formed by hand and the scalloped edge was created by a press form that I made and adapted to my log splitter (that I also made). A video of the “scalloping” can be seen below.

In the center of the piece I left the hammer marks from the forming process and I heated the center to give it the golden brown color it has. Depending on your preference, the center can appear as the center of a sunflower or the turbulent and “heated” surface of the sun. From the edge of the heated and hammered center I ground in a pattern of petals (or “rays”) that flow nicely up to the scalloped edge, and from certain angles the pattern also gives a “vortex” appearance, as seen below. Along the edge of the solid stainless steel round-bar that is welded along the circumference, I left the weld untouched but lightly polished, which allows the weld’s beads to present themselves as clouds passing by.

The piece rests upon three rocks that were found locally and it contributes nicely to the tranquility of the garden. To sample the tranquility of the piece, please enjoy the video below.

“Sun Basin”

“Vortex” Effect

The tranquility of “Sun Basin:”

Video of forming the scalloped edged (the video is loud):

© 2012 – Kirt Rebello