Custom Sheet Metal

Below are some examples of custom sheet metal forming, fabrication and restoration that I’ve done over the years. If you are customizing or restoring an antique automobile, motorcycle, tractor, lawn tractor, bicycle or Coke machine, or ANYTHING made of metal, I may be able to help you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I love breathing new life into old things or making them unique!

Custom rear pan for 1933 Chevrolet Coupe.

I made a rear pan for a 1933 Chevy hot rod that had 1934 fenders on it, The mismatch in fenders required a custom rear pan to be made, so I hand formed the pan out of 18-gauge sheet metal. Click on the picture to the left for a larger image.

Customized motorcycle trailing arm

This is a trailing arm for a custom motorcycle. I hand-formed the area surrounding the axle shaft out of 10-gauge mild steel, to give it a smoother and cleaner look. Click on the picture to the left for a larger image.

Custom 1954 Chevrolet

For this car I did many modification but the two pictures highlight how I customized the taillights on a 1954 Chevrolet to accept the taillights from a 1959 Cadillac. All work was hand-formed from 18-gauge mild steel and M.I.G. welded. The picture to the right shows the taillights after they were painted and also shows some other metal work I did which included: adding a 1958 Chevrolet “roof scoop” above the rear window; creating a custom “frenched” license plate recess; and “flaring” the rear wheel openings. Click on the pictures for larger images.

Front Fenders for 1933 Chevrolet Coupe

These are the front fenders on a 1933 Chevrolet hot rod. The original fenders were severely damaged along the bottom and they originally had “cut outs” to allow the original bumper brackets to pass through the fenders. Since this is a hot rod, the owner didn’t want front bumpers so i removed the damaged sections of the fenders, hand-formed new pieces from 18-gauge steel and M.I.G. welded them in place.

Custom motorcycle rear fender

For this motorcycle fender I “bobbed” (or cut) the rear half of the fender off, per the owner’s wishes and then changed the side radius of the wheel openings to match the tires exactly, and then rounded the edged with 1/4″ steel round bar. I also cut an opening for the drive chain. All sheet metal was hand-formed in 18-gauge mild steel.

Farm tractor grille restoration

This is a grille off of an old farm tractor that was being restored. At some point in its life the bottom portion of the grille was roughly cut out with a torch to allow for a hydraulic boom to be mounted to the tractor. I restored the grille by straightening up the roughly cut out hole; hand-forming the the exact curve into a piece of 10=gauge mild steel; M.I.G. welding it in place; and grinding the surface smooth to a point where the repair was barely noticeable.

Custom motorcycle ignition cover

This is an ignition cover I made for a custom motorcycle. The cover was hand-formed from 18-gauge mild steel and fabricated to cover the ignition coils and starter switch. The cover was designed to match the theme of the bike and the custom air cleaner on the other side of the motor.