“Out of the Box”

Status: In a Private Collection. (Please contact me to commission a similar piece.)

Signed: KR2012

“Out of the Box” was a commission I received for a private collection that was inspired by input from both the owner and myself, and I have promised the owner I will not recreate it. The sculpture stands 7′ 4″ on its own and almost 8′ tall on its concrete base. It’s made out of 1/8″ Corten Steel© and 14 gauge T-304 stainless steel, and the whole assembly was T.I.G. Welded together using 309L stainless steel.

The largest box measures 18″ and each box gets progressively smaller by 3″ increments, down to the smallest 9″ box. I created the inner stainless steel structure in a three dimensional “square-bar” configuration to give the appearance that the boxes are made of solid bars of stainless steel, covered in Corten steel. Each of the openings on the boxes are one-half the width of the box, leaving the “bars” to be one-quarter the width. So, for example, the 12″ box has a 6″ opening leaving each of the “bars” to be 3″ in width.

The piece has many angles that can be enjoyed and each angle changes with the position of the sun. One of my favorite angles captures the stainless steel inside each of the boxes, in a way that make the stainless appear “diamond like.”

I love the combination of the Corten and stainless steels and the contrasts they present. I love the way the project turned out and I enjoyed building it!

Out of the Box

The “Diamond Effect”

South Side View

North Side View

East or West Side View

From the Ground Towards the Sun

© 2012 – Kirt Rebello