Every once-in-a-while I’ll throw a video together to highlight a piece of art I’ve completed or to share with other artists some of the special tooling I’ve made to help bring the art to life.

The videos aren’t professionally done, so don’t judge! 🙂

You can check the videos out below or you can visit my YouTube Channel.


Metal Former

Here’s a video that shows a metal former I made from an old drill press.

Power Hammer

Here’s a video that shows a power hammer I made from scrap metal I pulled from a local scrap yard and an assortment of parts I had laying around the shop.

Hydraulic Metal Former

This video was shot by my wife as she pulled in our driveway one evening and I was making “Sun Basin.” I needed to do some serious shrinking around the edges, so I modified my homemade log splitter, and outfitted it with a shrinking finger press, and it worked! (Video is a bit noisy).

“Sun Basin” Leak Test

A short video of Sun Basin during a leak test, shortly after it was finished.

“Sun Basin” Installed

A short video of Sun Basin the day it was installed.


A short video of Chimed, to highlight the piece and its “chime.”

“Flounder de Ferrum” – Swimming in the Wind

This video of Flounder de Ferrum was shot while it was on display at Partner’s Village Store during the 2014 Art-Drive. I stopped by on a windy day to check on it, and the wind had it swaying like a fish swimming through the water, so I couldn’t resist filming it and putting some Finding Nemo audio to it. 🙂