“Bird on a Wave”

Status: In a Private Collection. (Please contact me to commission a similar piece.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Signed: KR2012

“Bird on a Wave” is an abstract piece that I created to represent a bird flying just above a wave. It’s made out of 1/8″ Corten Steel© and 14 gauge T-304 stainless steel, and the whole assembly was T.I.G. Welded together using 309L stainless steel. It stands about 58″ tall and the bird’s wings span about 19″ across. The piece swivels on a base that is 18 1/2″ deep by 9″ wide and through the center of the wave I placed a stainless steel prism that can be turned towards the sun to highlight an object, and to represent the sun shining through the wave.

The piece is equally suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. If left outdoors, the Corten steel will weather to a rust color but the welds along the edges will remain silver and the bird and prism will remain shiny, giving its look a wonderful contrast, yet allowing it to blend nicely with natural colors. The base is filled with concrete to give it stability in the home or in unfavorable weather conditions. And the piece is connected to the base by a heavy duty, sealed, automotive, front wheel bearing, that is sure to last indefinitely.

The piece has many angles that can be enjoyed and the swivel base allows you to easily enjoy any angle or adjust the prism to the sun.

The piece is currently available and looking for a home!

“Bird on a Wave”

“Bird on a Wave”

The Sun Shining Through

The Prism Effect

The Ability to Swivel

The Back Side

© 2012 – Kirt Rebello