Structural Support for “Seven Kisses”

Custom Structural Support for Artwork (Please contact me to make a similar piece.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

This structural support was made to support “Seven Kisses,” a 2014 assemblage created by Maddy Bragar. Standing more than 12 feet tall and created from the floorboards of a 1929 Hereshoff boat, Maddy wanted “Seven Kisses” to stand upright, in a way that complimented the piece and did not take away from the piece’s presentation.

I created the support from 2″ x 4″ x 1/4″ rectangular tubing, with a “jogged notch” in the lower portion of the support to accommodate the shape of the artwork. All welds in the support were ground smooth and painted with a satin black paint, providing a discreet and structurally sound support that compliments the artwork and accomplishes the artist’s presentation goal.

If you would like a custom, structural support made for art you’ve created or purchased, please Contact us today to find out more!

“Seven Kisses” Structural Support

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