Born Again Blue

Status: Sold- Auctioned off on EBay July 29, 2016 to August 8, 2016, in support of The Art Drive’s annual auction. (Similar reproductions can be commissioned. Please contact me if you have any questions.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Signed: KR2016

Saved from the ultimate demise of the melting pot, and happy to have its new purpose in life, the “Born Again Blue” blue fish is hammer-formed from environmentally friendly, reclaimed stainless-steel materials and beautifully colored by heat. “Born Again Blue” was created for the Art-Drive‘s 2016 “The Blues are Back!” annual fundraising campaign, where Art-Drive members are each tasked with making a fish in their medium. This year “The Blues are Back!” as The Art Drive members once again chose the bluefish for this year’s fish, the species chosen by the artists in the first year the Art Drive created fish. The Blues are displayed in the local area before the Art-Drive, and then auctioned off as part of a fundraising campaign in the days leading up to, and after, the drive.

For more information about “The Blues are Back” and a schedule of events where the this year’s fish will be displayed, please visit:

“Born Again Blue” is hand-formed from reclaimed T-304 16 Gauge stainless steel, reclaimed 1/8″ T-304 stainless steel rods and other reclaimed T-304 stainless steel materials. The piece was welded together using the Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) welding process and the color was obtained by oxidizing the stainless with heat. It measures about 18″ in height, 4″ in depth and 47″ in width

Similar fish can be made and personalized with many effects, to include more details, different materials, different stances and other adornments that you might want to make it special.

“Born Again Blue” and similar wall hangings are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Born Again Blue



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