Comedy-Drama Theater Masks

Status: In Private Collections, Similar Reproductions Available. (Please contact me to make a similar piece.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Signed: KR2012, KR2013, KR2014, KR2015, KR2016

This wall hanging is a rendition of the old “Comedy-Drama” theater masks and it would make a great addition to any theater or thespian’s home. To date, several sets of various sizes have been commissioned, to include a much larger version in the set commissioned: “Dos Cabezas Grande.”

The history of the “Comedy-Drama” theater masks can be traced back to the 5th Century B.C. in Ancient Greece, where theater was a big part of their culture and ancient actors wore similar masks often made from clay, wood or cloth. These Comedy-Drama masks, however, are hand-formed from T-304 16 Gauge stainless steel, 3/16″ stainless steel rods and puddles of molten stainless steel used to replicate the tears of joy and tragedy. This piece can be made to just about any size. The piece made for the Coronado Playhouse measures 18” in height, 24″ in width and 2” in depth. The piece is welded together using the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process. Similar pieces can be made and personalized with many effects, to include more details, different materials (like copper), and other adornments and facial expressions that you might want.

The Comedy-Drama Theater Masks and similar wall hangings are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Here are a few examples of masks that have been created.

Comedy-Drama Theater Masks – College of Saint Scholastica

Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks – Coronado Playhouse

Wall Hanging - Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks

Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks – Coronado Playhouse

Wall Hanging - Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks1

Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks – Tears of Pain

Wall Hanging - Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks5

Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks – Tears of Joy

Wall Hanging - Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks4

Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks

Wall Hanging - Comedy-Tragedy Theater Masks3

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