Bar Harbor 31

Status: In a Private Collection – Similar Reproduction Available. (Please contact me to commission a similar piece.)

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Signed: KR2012

The Bar Harbor 31 weathervane was a commission for a private collection, modeled after the Herreshoff Bar Harbor 31, wooden sloop sailboat that was built during the early 1900’s. There were 13 of these boats built and only 5 are known to exist today.

This piece was hand formed from 16 oz. copper sheet metal but, unlike most copper artwork that is soldered or brazed together, this piece was T.I.G. welded together, to ensure solid construction and set it apart from other works. The piece measures 15″ long, by 20″ tall, by 3″ wide. The base for this project was already on the client’s home. The three-dimensional piece was hammer formed by hand.

Copper is a traditional and classic medium for weathervanes, with wonderful weathering attributes and a durability that lasts forever. Copper pieces react differently to their environments. Seaside homes and homes in the general vicinity of the ocean can expect their copper pieces to obtain a wonderful green patina, while pieces more inland and away from the ocean’s salt air can expect their pieces to obtain a typical brown copper tone. If, however, you live inland but would like the green patina, an accelerated weathering process can be attained prior to delivery.

A personalized copper weathervane can make a wonderful family heirloom that will last for generations and sit atop the family home wherever it may be!

“Bar Harbor 31”

Copper Weathervane - Bar Harbor 31(Compressed)

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat1

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat2

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat3

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat4

“Bar Harbor 31”

Weathervane - Bar Harbor Sailboat5

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