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Statement on Small Businesses and Nonprofits

The Small Business Association defines a small business as "one that is independently owned and operated and which is not dominant in its field of operation" and generally has less than 500 employees. Small businesses are made up of people who are our neighbors, friends and family members, whose livelihoods depend on the success of their small business. When small businesses fail, lives are disrupted and communities are weakened. Unlike many large corporations, the small business typically keeps its profits in the local economy and isn't likely to have decision makers located thousands of miles away. The small business owner deserves the same information and services that help large corporations succeed, and they deserve that help in an affordable package.

Nonprofit organizations are the pride of our communities, as they work diligently to fulfill the unmet needs of our society. Few people realize the challenges nonprofits face, and how the nonprofit sector can often be more competitive than the for-profit sector. People working in the nonprofit sector tend to be dedicated and passionate about what they do, and despite the great challenges they face and the talents they possess to overcome them, they often work for much less money than their for-profit counterparts. Operating on tight budgets, under the scrutinizing, watchful eyes of intelligent donors, nonprofits face tremendous challenges trying to increase their donor base and succeed in their mission. They deserve an affordable option for the services they need in attaining their success. KMR Consulting is one of those options. 

KMR Consulting Service, LLC strives to provide valuable information and services to help small businesses and non-profits succeed. Call KMR Consulting Services, LLC today and find out about some of the pricing options that are available, and ask about the “risk sharing” option for certain long-term projects, where KMR with stand behind its recommendations with partial results oriented, deferred billing options.